Spider Web for the Atari 2600


Relive the past with this simple but challenging shooter game for the Atari 2600 developed in 2022.




The world is a dangerous place for a spider. This is a fact that Lydia the spider knows too well. Day to day, she must build her delicately spun web and defend it from pesky bugs and ornery humans. With her unique set of stunning skills, maybe these irritating bugs can become a delightful treat?


This is a low volume production of the Spider Web game for the Atari 2600/VCS that I released back in 2022. The game itself is open source and available on GitHub.

Want to try the game out? Check it out on itch.io for documentation and an online Atari 2600 emulator.


  • Cartridge Box (heavy weight cardstock)
  • 8-Page Manual (copy paper)
  • 3D Printed Cartridge
  • Pixels Past 4K Cartridge with Pre-Programmed EEPROM


  • This product is handmade in a DIY fashion, therefore print quality and construction will not be up to the same standards of original Atari 2600 productions.
  • The cartridge itself is 3D printed in black PLA. Please keep in an air-conditioned environment for long term storage to prevent warping.
  • The Atari logo is a trademark of Atari, Inc. This is not an official Atari product and is developed purely by an independent, unaffiliated individual.