A little something for my bay-bay

Wrote and recorded this one a few months ago for a small mixtape for my wifey’s b-day. After a little bit of begging, she finally agreed to let me put this one out. IT’S JUST TOO GOOD!

A good bit of nostalgic 80s pop in there with a basic LinnDrum beat with plenty of gated reverb. It’s relatively simple since I made it hastily, but it holds up.

Little technical note here, I recorded this one on my Linux desktop and used only the built-in REAPER plugins since VSTs are sadly very proprietary and not supported. :'( That’s the only reason I keep Windows around, pretty much.

Since a friend of mine asked about it, I’ll give a little insight on the cover I used for this one. I grabbed one of the oldest photos of Sam and I that I could find that had a good vibe and some sloppy kisses! Then, I cropped and reduced it down to 128×128, applied some heavy Bayer dither, and voila! We’ve pretty much got ourselves what the GameBoy Color Camera could have been… if it ever came out. Cool stuff!

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