Showing Some Gumption with “Go Home To Your Own Time”

Woah, this one came quickly! Well… technically it didn’t. I wrote the main patterns on my Mac months ago, but they sat there in cold storage until I exported and transferred them over to my fancy PC earlier this week. And voila! Inspiration struck!

I kept this one software-ridden for the most part. I was rushing with it a bit so I didn’t experiment much beyond getting funky with my Yamaha CP-70b. So, for you gear snobs out there, you’re not going to get too much out of this one.

I must be in an anime fever, because that’s all I can think about apparently. I’m not going to hide it, this one is inspired by a certain episode of a certain early 2000s anime. Can you guess? If you can’t, here’s a hint…

Don’t worry though, I’ll get out of my anime stint soon enough. I’ve had some interesting things going on with my own life lately that I’m sure I can start tapping into.

Though I’m at a week-by-week pace right now, don’t expect that to be a reoccurring thing. I’d love to do that, of course, but idk if I’ve got the mental energy for it.

We’ll see whenever the next one comes… Have a great Friday, everyone!

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