Infinite Reflections in a Chamber of Memories

Yes, it’s true. Its been a while since I’ve added any new tunes to the collection. Well, fear not! Here is another musical vibe for your listening pleasure. [Hopefully more to come too?]

A bit of fooling around on my sequencers brought this song into existence. I couldn’t help myself, so there’s a lot of chaotic live drum machine playing tucked away in there. I may have gone overboard, but I stand behind my decision! I went a little heavy on the distortion on this one too, but I think it plays out well.

I used my general selection of synthesizers to build this together. Most notably, the killer Bass Station II with it’s growling sub frequencies. Playing with that thing is a dream!

As for the lyrics, it’s mostly inspired by an intriguing episode of Steven Universe that caught my attention (Sam and I were binge-watching as per usual). Most of it is spoken from the perspective of Connie. If you’re an avid fan, I bet you can take a guess of which episode I’m talking about. 😉

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