Domesticity? I think not!

We’re going hard and heavy now, and there’s nothing you can do to stop me!

After some gnarly events happened in my neighborhood to a seemingly normal nuclear family, I couldn’t help myself but to add to the mystery in the only way I could, music!

I hesitate to call this one an “electronic” track, but I did my best to incorporate some of my usual doodads on top of the driving single-note melodies of the counter-imposed lead guitars. The main keyboard feature of the track is my little FM PSS-460, but the tried-and-true Yamaha CP-70B gets in there a little too.

The drums were the trickiest bit, though. I was real tempted to jump into the drum throne of my live recording space. Eventually, I settled on a blend of Oberheim DX samples and a few live samples I had laying around. Not sure if it’s my best work or for this track, but I think its worked out in the end.

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