Swing and a miss!

Actually, I hope I didn’t miss with this one! Check out this lovely track with the added loveliness of the photography that Samantha so graciously blessed us with.

This one originated from a little ditty (the melody at the beginning) that sprung into my head in the middle of the night. I woke up in a daze, picked up my phone, and recorded myself mumbled what eventually became that line.

I tried to do a few things with it over the past months, but everything was either too complicated or too boring and just couldn’t become the song that it wanted to become. Finally, I added the sequenced driving bass line that now is the foundation for the whole song, and it just all started coming together!

At the time, we had been watching a lot of dumb anime and baseball was a prevalent theme in one of them. After exploring with dreaming for a bit, I eventually landed on the final baseball motif, and I dig it! I hope you dig it too uwu

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