I’ve Been Wounded and I’ve Decided

I don’t make cover songs often, but when I do I try my best to bridge genres. In this case, folk and electronica? It doesn’t matter too much, because I did my best to keep it as simple as possible. A soothing pad to lay the foundation, creeping bass to build emotion, and far-away fuzz guitar to add tension.

Top it off with a lovely picture of my dearest chopping my head off (probably), and you’ve got yourself a chart-topper! (lol)

Sam and I had picked up Fleet Foxes album, A Very Lonely Solstice, last year, and this song had been an ear worm for me. I immediately knew I had to do something with it.

Of course in my negligence, I hadn’t actually realized it was a Joan Baez original from 1960. Pretty cool stuff!

If you ever want to hear me cover something different, send me a quick message and I’ll definitely consider it!

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